Physician and Surgeon License Verification in California

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Physician and Surgeon License Verification in California

Making sure a surgeon or other sort of specialty physician is competent is crucial if your hospital or medical practice is thinking about hiring them. You can get a written verification for the licensee that will be forwarded to the medical BoardBoard for approval by asking for a physician or surgeon license verification.


License verification, formerly known as letters of good standing, confirms the doctor's current licensure. A more thorough licensing verification can tell you about any limits, suspensions, or revocations affecting the License and any disciplinary actions the candidate has ever faced.

Medical Board of California And License Information

A state government organization called the Medical Board of California (MBC) is in charge of licensing and disciplining doctors, surgeons, and other allied healthcare professionals in the state. Consumers can take advantage of the Board'sBoard's two primary service offerings: (1) research into complaints against California-licensed physicians; and (2) public record information about those physicians. Sacramento serves as the Board'sBoard's administrative center. It is a division of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. It has a $65.277 million yearly budget. The MBC, which dates back to the 1878 modification of the Medical Practice Act of 1876, is the oldest part of the DCA. The Federation of State Medical Boards includes MBC as a member. Eight doctors and five public members, one public member picked by the Speaker of the Assembly and one chosen by the Senate Rules Committee, make up the members of the BoardBoard.

Before practicing medicine in California, you must receive a Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) License from the Medical Board of California (Board). Individuals with an injury or sickness may receive a diagnosis, a prescription, and treatment from a qualified physician. To cure illnesses, injuries, deformities, and other physical and mental disorders, doctors are permitted to administer and prescribe medication, use instruments to tear or puncture tissues and employ other techniques. You can mail a paper application or submit your P&S License application online utilizing the BreEZe Online Services. You must include specific details in the online application. The online application's pages will time out after around 15 minutes. If you want assistance completing the application, refer to the "Application Preparation" section. You have 15 minutes to finish each page. Otherwise, the system will time out, and you will lose your information.

California Medical License Requirements for Physicians And Surgeons

To be qualified for a P&S License, you must:

  • Attended and graduated from a medical school recognized by the Board under Business and Professions Code (BPC) Section 2084 in the United States, Canada, or another country
  • Received credit for either 12 months (for medical school graduates in the U.S. and Canada) or 24 months (for graduates of medical schools abroad) of board-approved postgraduate training (BPC section 2096); and passed all necessary exams (BPC section 2170).
  1. Obtaining A Doctorate Of Medicine From An Approved Medical School And Meeting All Prerequisites
  2. Completion Of A Year-long Postgraduate Programme For Applicants From The United States And Canada
  3. Completion Of Two Years Of Postgraduate Study In The Same Speciality For Overseas Applicants, As Well As Certification By The Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).
  4. A USMLE, NBME, or FLEX Score Of Passing. ( The Puerto Rico Medical Revalidation Examination does Not meet this Prerequisite.)
  5. Shown Clinical Competence By Fulfilling At Least One Of The Following Criteria:
  6. Currently Holding A Medical Licence From Another State, Territory, Or Province And Having Practised Medicine There For At Least Two Of The Previous Four Years
  7. A positive outcome on a clinical competency test was taken the year before the application was submitted and accepted by the BoardBoard.
  8. Completion of a postgraduate training program recognized by the BoardBoard during the two years before the application's filing
  9. Obtaining a passing grade on a national test, such as the FLEX, NBME, or USMLE, as well as current, valid licensing in the U.S. or Canada, practicing medicine actively under that License for at least ten years, passing a state board exam or the LMCC exam, and passing the Special Purpose Exam (SPEX
  10. Previous to 1974, passing a state board test to get a license, being currently licensed in at least three additional states or Canadian provinces, and having been practicing medicine while holding that License for at least 20 years.

Requirement for Initial  Physicians And Surgeons License Renewal

You must prove that you have been given credit for 36 months of postgraduate study recognized by the BoardBoard, including 24 continuous months of training in the same program, to renew your License for the first time. In addition, you must provide evidence that the Commission on Dental Accreditation has granted you to fulfill the initial renewal criteria; credit for at least 24 months of postgraduate coursework is required. After acquiring a medical degree from a combined dentistry and medical degree program, postgraduate study in oral and maxillofacial surgery must be CODA-accredited.

Following the awarding of your P&S License, you are NOT needed to present this proof of postgraduate training if you:

  • When this requirement is satisfied, If you previously have experience under a BPC 2113 Special Permit to be eligible for a P&S licen

se, the BoardBoard will inform you alternatively.

  • During the application process, you were required to show documentation proving that you were given credit for 36 months of postgraduate training that was recognized by the BoardBoard, including 24 consecutive months in the same program.

Temporary License For  Physicians And Surgeons

Suppose you are married to, in a domestic partnership with, or otherwise legally associated with an active-duty member of the United States Armed Forces stationed in California as per official active-duty military orders. In that case, the BoardBoard may grant you a temporary postgraduate training license (BPC section 115.6). A temporary license allows you to finish the application procedure for the full P&S License in twelve months. You will receive a wall certificate when the temporary License is granted. Once verified, your temporary license profile will be shown on the Board's License Verification website. In addition, you must have a valid, active, and unrestricted medical License from another American state, territory, or federal district.

You must mail or include a copy of the following paperwork with your application or upload it online:

  • Proof that you are wed to, in a domestic partnership with, or otherwise legally united to, a U.S. military serviceman on active duty stationed in California as per official orders.
  • Proof of the official California duty station assignment of your spouse or domestic partner.
  • Proof that you have a valid, active, and unrestricted medical License from another U.S. state, territory, or federal district. Please visit the Physician and Surgeon website for the bare minimum criteria, information, instructions, and paperwork.

License For  Physicians And Surgeons Limited Practice

You must also submit the Limited Practice License Form (Form LPL), together with the required P&S License application, supporting paperwork, and costs, to be considered for a limited practice license. Paid out to the Medical Board of California for each inquiry and that you are willing to sign a document pledging your compliance with the practice restrictions outlined in the independent clinical evaluation as well as any additional requirements or terms imposed by the BoardBoard. The form may be downloaded from the Board'sBoard's website and should be sent with your online application or sent to the BoardBoard when you finish it.

Importance to Verify a Candidate’s License in California

Verifying a professional license is an essential step in the pre-employment screening procedure at your California firm.

The following reasons highlight the significance of checking candidates' credentials:

  • First, some candidates could fabricate their licenses.
  • Second, the paperwork and reporting requirements differ between states.
  • Third, some states demand that persons voluntarily reveal criminal convictions or bearings.
  • Finally, an applicant may have had their License suspended due to disciplinary action.

How To Submit An Application For California's License Verification

There are two ways to ask the State of California for a license verification:

  1. You can utilize commercial electronic services to help you complete your license application. There are no electronic services that the BoardBoard requires. Visit the Third Party Services section for further details. The BoardBoard is making this information available to you as a convenience. The BoardBoard advises you to submit your Application for a Physician's and Surgeon's License six months in advance to give adequate time for processing and correcting problems.
  2. Contact the Medical Board of California

As detailed below, this mail-in procedure takes four to six weeks. The California Medical Board's Process for Requesting a Licence Verification

  1. Send a formal request to the Medical Board of California for license verification.
  2. Give the person asking for the verification your contact details, including your phone number and email address.
  3. Give the doctor's name and California license number for each request.
  4. List each state or national medical BoardBoard receiving the request, along with their name and address.
  5. Send a cheque in the amount of $10.00 paid, payable to the California Medical Board for each request.

A crucial step to guarantee the doctors and surgeons you choose is currently licensed is obtaining a physician license verification. In addition, you, your healthcare organization, and the people you serve will be protected if you look closely at every new physician you recruit.


When completing license verifications, VLSS (Verified License Search and Status) from Verisys can help you save time and get a thorough picture of a surgeon's or doctor's licensure status. California is only one of the states where the VLSS actively validates, collects, and continually monitors primary source data on healthcare providers from licensing boards. For a complete healthcare provider license verification, licensing verification services offer a complete license history, including the practitioner's current License and every other License they have ever held. As a result, you may demonstrate your dedication to patient safety and avert circumstances that can impair your capacity to deliver the highest standard of care by confirming and regularly checking the License and status of every physician on your staff.





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