Easy Guide: Converting Unicode to Krutidev for Your Research

Written by Researchbite | Updated on: November 05, 2023

Easy Guide: Converting Unicode to Krutidev for Your Research

There are plenty of digital fonts that are available. You will be amazed to see the number. Sometimes, it may get confusing for you to understand which one to pick. And if you are specifically looking for a switch between Unicode and KrutiDev, especially for the Devanagari script, we have found something for you. You're lucky! Here's a quick update on an amazing online tool that will allow you to do the conversion from Unicode to KrutiDev.

Meet the Unicode to Krutidev Converter

With the help of this tool, you can change the font of the text from Unicode to KrutiDev in real time as you are typing or editing the text. This tool is also known as Mangal to KrutiDev converter. There is no word limit on the text, and no sign-up is required. Just start using the tool directly.

Who's this for?

This tool will serve many people. But it is especially a lifesaver for the following:

  • Creative content makers
  • Busy government officials
  • Diligent language translators
  • Artsy graphic designers
  • Tech-savvy web developers
  • Curious journalists

The Basics You Should Know

Knowing about something is always good. Let us understand these two types of font. 

1. Unicode: This is a universal language for computers. Every character has been given a unique number in this code. 

2. Krutidev (Kruti Dev): It has been in use since 1997 and is quite famous in north India. It is like the Hindi typewriter font and is quite famous among Hindi authors and government officials.

Your Quick Conversion Guide

1. Start Here: Open your browser and type www.unicodetokruti.com (Unicode to Krutidev) to open the website. It's friendly on all devices! So, you can use your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

2. Type or Paste: In the "Input Text" box, write or paste your Unicode (Mangal) text. This is the text that you want to convert to KrutiDev.

3. Click and Watch: Click on the "Convert to Kruti Dev" button. Enjoy the magic as your text transforms right before your eyes. Your text will be converted into KrutiDev font within seconds. You can also change some parts as you type or make any changes in the "Input Text" box.

4. Check It Out: The output is generated in the "Output Text" box. If you feel something is not right, try changing your input to get the desired results. 

5. Bonus Features:

  • Download as Word: If you want to save your work and edit it at a later point in time, download the output as a Word document. This will allow you to work on it whenever you want.
  • Clear Button: This button will erase everything and let you input some new text. 

6. Rinse and Repeat: You are free to use the tool as many times as you want. There is no upper limit or boundation for the same. Just keep inserting your text and do the conversions.

Wrapping Up

The Unicode to Krutidev converter is like a friendly superhero tool for the Devanagari script. It's easy, efficient, and perfect for both pros and newbies. So, whether you're penning a news article, writing or translating a poem, or designing a website, this tool is a life and time saver for you!



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